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Join us and experience the reality!

Image Ethiopia Tours

Was founded with a clear vision of changing the negative image of Ethiopia-as a place of poverty and famine- to a more positive and versatile image that pays adequate tribute to the intricacy of the coun- try and will transform Ethiopia from an underrated travel destination to an appealing one.

We invite you to come to Ethiopia and experience a country of centuries-old history and culture, a bio-diversity, a country striving for development and progress, and hospitable people welcoming you with open arms.

Diverse and Unforgettable Tours

Image Ethiopia Tours operates tours as diverse and many-sided as Ethiopia itself.
Depending on your interest, our experienced and multi-lingual tour guides will take you on the Historic Route through the north of the country, including the town of Bahirdar on the shores of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile River, and the gigantic Blue Nile falls, the 17th century imperial city of Gondar, Axum’s ancient monoliths, the temple of Yeha form the 5th C.B.C., Lalibela’s famous rock-hewn churches, and the walled city of Harar in the east, a holy place for Muslims:

Remote rock-hewn churches and monasteries, still being genuine places of worship and true testimonies to the country’s centuries-old Christian legacy:

From ragged mountain peaks through the wide and lush valleys to the captivating salt desert Dallol and Ert Ale active volcanoes in the northeast.

You may trek in the Simien or Bale Mountains, or go birding in the Great Rift Valley or go on game drives in the Awash, Nechasar, Mago and Omo National Parks.

Intriguing and colorful ethnicities of the Omo Valley in the southwest, including the hard-working Konso, known for their terracing systems and wooden statues, the Hamer, famous for their elaborate body decoration and ‘jumping of the bulls’, the Mursi, renowned for the lip plates worn by their women, the Karo, the Dasenech, the Erbore, and many more: